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All women are Heroines

Promoting women’s creativity, the Heroines programme, which will last through May and June and whose partner is Erste Bank, will bring us contemporary domestic and foreign artists through various cultural events in the European Capital of Culture. And who are the heroines of today, why it is still necessary to speak loudly about the position of women in society, and what is the role of art in spreading awareness – it’s all revealed by several heroines of the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture Foundation who participate in creating programmes and conveying these important messages to all of us. Meet Marina Savić, Milana Milovanov, Marijana Ramić Vulin, Rosana MokušMilana Ratić and Slobodanka Drašković.They are creative, brave, rebellious, free, fun, and versatile successful women, mothers, girls… they are important!

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