Gift Collection ‘Graovac, Radmila and Nikola’ @ Gallery of Matica Srpska

Start at 12:00 AM
16. July 2021. - 16. August 2021.
Galerija Matice srpske
Trg galerija 1
Novi Sad

Exhibition Gift Collection Graovac, Radmila and Nikola will be opened from Friday, 16 July to 16 August at the Gallery of Matica srpska.

Gift collection Graovac, which has 22 paintings by Nikola Graovac and 21 sculpture work by Radmila Graovac, is the present from their daughter Smiljka Graovac Cvetko. By this valuable gift, the collection of the Gallery of Matica srpska is enriched with works of art from the second half of the 20th century and competed the memory of the great artistic couple. Two artists, who walked together through life and art for more than half a century, created authentic symbiosis of two intertwined opuses, which are now displayed at the exhibition in the Gallery of Matica srpska.

Besides 43 works of art from the Gift collection, the exhibition will be enriched by artworks that were donated to the Gallery before, as well as numerous documentary material – recorded artistic statements and visual documents, that will contribute to a more comprehensive presentation of the artistic work of Radmila and Nikola Graovac.