Featured Events

Melange: Schime & Muzikon

23. 3. 2023.

PREMIERE: Opera Eugene Onegin

28. 3. 2023.

Mileva: We Are One Rock

31. 12. 2022 – 31. 12. 2023.

Sekvence Grada

2. 2. 2023 – 1. 5. 2023.

Interview of the week

Mileta Poštić, a renowned artist and professor from Novi Sad, is one of the authors of the Sekvence Grada exhibition, which was installed on 49 masts on Suba’s Plateau in Liman Park. The fifth exhibition at Novi Sad’s first open-air gallery brings together the works of local and foreign artists, and we invite you to visit it. In an interview for Visit Novi Sad, we talked with Poštić about the striking illustrations that will certainly attract your attention when you pass by this Novi Sad park.

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